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Sam Maloof Woodworker Inc. produces some of the most stunning furniture in America.


The fluid sculptural style is unparalleled by any other contemporary designer, uniquely recognized by a MacArthur Genius Grant.


As Sam wished, Mike Johnson continues to work in Samís original studio crafting exceptionally fine furniture from beautiful woods while keeping the Sam Maloof legacy, style and craftsmanship alive.

Sam Maloof began designing and hand-making custom furniture in the 1950's. He became recognized for his outstanding and unique designs and superb workmanship, creating fine pieces that are treasured and passed down through generations.

Mike working on a rocker

The Sam Maloof Wood-shop was where Sam and his assistants made each piece and where hundreds of Sam's templates still hang, ready to produce additional pieces. Sam Maloof was among the greatest furniture designer-craftsmen of our time.  This was recognized when he was awarded a MacArthur Genius Grant, the only craftpersons in any media to be so honored. A leading figure in the postwar American crafts movement, he was renowned for designing and making furniture with a modern sensibility and a fluid, sculptural quality.

Because of Samís wisdom in planning for the future he set up the corporation, Sam Maloof Woodworker Inc., to ensure that the business would go on. He knew first hand that Sam Maloof Woodworker would always live up to his standards of Workmanship, Integrity and Quality.

The woodwork in the Sam Maloof workshop continues today with Mike Johnson. Sam mentored, trained, nurtured and worked with Mike for over 30 years. They worked together daily, creating extraordinary custom furniture. Sam Maloof Woodworker Inc. is proud to carry on Samís legacy by continuing to offer his signature designs to established clients and new generations of fine woodworking connoisseurs.

Sam Maloof Woodworker Inc. offers an array of fine hand crafted furniture for residential and commercial use, including chairs, tables, free standing casework and accessories. Critically acclaimed designs from the 1950's to the present are available in several different wood species. The shop is also busy with restoration and repairs of early Maloof furniture.

New custom pieces as well as those based on earlier collections are on display in the Sam Maloof Woodworker Inc. showroom.

Sam Maloof Woodworker Inc. was established by Sam and with his blessings carries on his work now that he is gone. No other person or company has been given the rights to reproduce and market his designs.



5131 Carnelian Street, Alta Loma, CA 91701